Your Privacy is Our Primary Concern

Military Maintenance and Military Made upholds standards by protecting the privacy of our customers

Our commitment goes beyond the heavy-duty cleaning services we provide! We safeguard private information and adhere to privacy regulations to ensure data security and privacy for our loyal customers. 

What type of Data is Collected by Us?

Our agency collects crucial data that ensures effective communication and operation management. This includes personal information such as your name, phone number, address details, and email address. In addition, we may also enquire details for billing and payment methods, preferred services, marketing data, and your valuable feedback

How We Collect Information? 

Military Maintenance and Military Made collects information in ways convenient to our clients. We gather information using online forms, email communication, or in-person consultation. In addition, our website may collect user data for improving user experience, personalizing content, advertising, and analytics. 

How Do We Use Our Client’s Data?

The data gathered is used to provide, manage, and personalize our cleaning services, ensuring a tailored solution for our clients. The payment information is used to process transactions, manage billing, and handle related inquiries. Furthermore, data provided by our clients is utilized to facilitate communication and improve our services. 

Data Protection

Our team is dedicated to protecting your personal information with the highest standards of security and confidentiality. With our industry-standard security measures and access control, we ensure no unauthorized use of client’s sensitive information. 

Trust us to protect what matters most—your privacy!

We, offering the highest level of confidentiality, don’t share or sell the data collected with any third party! 

However, we may share your data with authorities if required by law or in response to legal processes. 

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