From the Beginning

Our company has been consistently recognized by many of our clients as one of the most reliable companies they have come across. We take great pride in that and look forward to maintaining our reputation.

Military Maintenance and Military Made was founded on the principles of reliability, quality workmanship, and fair pricing. We pride ourselves on helping our customers complete their projects on time and within budget.

The Military Maintenance branch includes carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and professional handyman to complete any project you have in mind. We Work Closely with Our team to get best results.

The Military Made branch of our team handles all the heavy duty cleaning services required at homes and offices. We can clean anything with no job being too big for our team, we’ve seen it all. 

Our Services



We provide professional, general, and detailed house and office cleaning services including commercial cleaning services.


We provide complete and professional maintenance services for your home including all type of handyman services


Our team of Renovation contractor Mississauga ensures to deliver superior quality of work every renovation project they take over.


Our team of Home renovation contractors Mississauga, are highly professional and skilled and no job is big or small for them.


Contact our home repair team; with our wide range of services and resource available for different tasks, we will do the job for you with a professional finish.


Military Made provides Best and professional services of Post flood repairs in Toronto. We specialize in damage restoration and post-disaster repairs, call now for Services at 647-478-9768.


Military Made is Professional, most trusted and largest source for reputable for bathroom renovations Mississauga.

Why Choose Us


  • Our team of dedicated professionals will treat your home like their own. We will always provide our honest and professional opinion to ensure you get the best advice for your home.
  • Our in-house team of professionals can handle all tasks from large scale renovations to down to the smallest repairs. What does this mean? It means you get the highest quality of work without paying the large markup fees associated when work is subcontracted out. Our hands approach ensures a high level of quality is maintained and pricing is what it should be?
  • Did you know? Some companies simply outsource the majority of their jobs and markup the pricing anywhere from 25% to 80%! That means you could be drastically overpaying for work by thousands of dollars. Our pricing is based on a simple and fair formula of time and materials. We don’t overcharge simply because you own a nice house.
  • Choose us and know that our dedicated team will take care of you from start to finish and you will be paying a competitive industry price.

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